This wiki is not for collaboration

It is a non-production test wiki intended for testing various wiki markup, CSS, JS and possibly semantic mediawiki ideas in a pristine environment where the founder (najevi) has access to the usual sysop default areas and can purge the wiki of all recent changes at any moment in time without concern for affecting other contributors. (in contrast to w:c:communitytest and w:c:smwtest)

How do I .. Edit

  1. delete my own blog post at a wiki where I am not a sysop?
  2. give readers a link to their personal user_blog page without knowledge of their user name?
  3. sort the widgets in the cockpit area in alphabetical order?
  4. declare a JS function in a way that renders any previously declared function of the same name ineffective
    • the last function definition before the function is useed has precedence over any prior definition or any later definition
  5. adapt Gadgets originally written for the Monobook skin to behave intuitively with the Monaco skin
  6. to all users of a wiki, present a widget in the sidebar yet allow each user to dismiss the widget (permanently) if they do not want it.
  7. ...

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